Our Project Portfolio

Garden Area

As this garden was originally on a slop, the garden had to first be completely leveled out. Then we built a retaining wall then leveled shallow low spots on your lawn. After that we created a separate patio area.

Garden Patio

Originally there was an old well used patio area in disrepair, this was completely removed and redesigned. The new patio area extends neatly from the house and has been built around existing plant area. Creating the perfect area to host.

Conservatory & Patio

From the initial design to building control and planning we created this conservatory to add extra space in our customer’s home, finished off with a patio to step out onto.

Conservatory & Steps

This is the building of a conservatory base. With the conservatory being free flowing from the existing kitchen diner, we building steps going down into the garden to create safe access to the garden.